The day has finally come, we have started the trip!

Sadly enough, it started with a flight. Which immediately provided a good example of why we want to keep flights to an absolute minimum: polluting, so much plastic, and passive-aggressive backrest vs knee battles - which Vee lost. On a positive note, Vee got through five movies (highly recommend RocKabul) - meanwhile Simon slept.

First stop - Singapore

We've both spent many a layover flight wandering around the airport in the past, but neither of us ever made it out of the airport into the warm sticky air. Even though it is famously the best-rated airport in the world (to be stuck at or not), we were delighted to finally explore outside of it. Even if it was just over 24 hours.

As more outdoorsy people, we were never that drawn to Singapore, but were pleasantly surprised. Although a big city it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful - potentially too quiet, as in where is everyone!? Largely empty streets and markets. Is it always like this or the impact of the coronavirus anxiety? Or the fact that we are wandering around during working hours on a Monday? Nonetheless, a great way to ease into the travel life, if maybe a little bit dull (if we dare say).

If you've ever seen the docu-series Planet Earth 2, you may have noticed an episode with the subject of human cities embracing nature, one such city was Singapore. Anywhere with a little bit of open space had a tree put into it, rooftop - add a forest, small balcony - offer up that space for a leafy fern. This is very evident by the “Super tree” structures in Gardens by the Bay.

This is a supertree, if you have not seen one before… Now you have.

Strange art meets nature structures could also be found elsewhere. Other specimens include: floating wobbly eggs in a lake. Now you've seen them too.

Floating wobbly eggs

Certainly, after spending several years in the chilly windswept city Wellington, we have lost our summer tolerance for heat. And that heat, 33 degrees (or 39 for those considering humidex)! Almost crawling from shade to shade, and taking shelter in almost freezing airconditioned malls, we made our way through the city. Three more months of this temperature… People get used to this heat right? Right??

Our hostel of choice was a galaxy themed pod hotel in China Town. In line with the theme, there were plenty of flashing lights in our two-person pod and a slight vibration from the fan, though otherwise, it was comfortable and surprisingly spacious. China Town was very charming and provided both delicious food and entertainment with the last celebrations of Chinese New Year, year of the rat.

Not to go off theme for the flavour of Singapore - The food! Straight in with noodles, dim sum, dumplings and laksa, we have two very happy stomachs!

Simon eating a “noodlily” dish

Next stop, Kuala Lumpur. Next mode of transport, the “VIP” bus.